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Press release:

Dutch poet publishes chapbook about Virginia City

Utrecht, The Netherlands - Milla van der Have, a Dutch poet, spent a summer in Virginia City, Nevada. This resulted in her first English chapbook, Ghosts of Old Virginny (Aldrich Press) which is now available on Amazon.


Virginia City has been drawing the adventurous for over 100 years. It has been the home of gold-miners, businessmen and writers. And, as it happened, a Dutch poet. In 2014, Milla van der Have spent 3 weeks on a writer's residency. Once there, the Comstock got to her. Van der Have wrote a chapbook's worth of poems about Virginia City: Ghosts of Old Virginny.


About the book

In Ghosts of Old Virginny Van der Have explores the legends and history of the Comstock from an outsider's point of view. Her poems deal with being uprooted and leaving the known behind. They speak of miners, ghosts and horses and of love, that greatest journey of all. Ghosts of Old Virginny was runner-up in the Gambling The Aisle 2014 chapbook contest and received an honorable mention in Concrete Wolf's 2014 chapbook competition. 


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Ghosts of Old Virginny 

Aldrich Press, 42 pages, 

ISBN-10: 0692590021.

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