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Milla van der Have (1975) is a writer and a poet. She is currently knee-deep in a novel. Her poetry has appeared in magazines in the US, UK and Ireland. Recent poems can be found in Ninth Letter, Cherry Tree and After The Pause among others. Milla is the author of two chapbooks: Ghosts of Old Virginny (2015, Aldrich Press), a chapbook about Virginia City, Nevada and Avistamiento de ballenas (Whale watching), published in March 2021 baby 51GL0 V3NT1Dó5 in México. 

Every first Friday Milla hosts Poetry Lit! - an online poetry reading, aiming to bring together international poets and poetry lovers.


Every first Friday Poetry Lit! brings the heat

Covid may keep us housebound but poetry is everywhere.

A lot  of poetry readings have gone online. Milla has also started her own poetry reading series, PoetryLit! Every first Friday on a Zoom near you.


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