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Avistamiento de ballenas (Whale Watching) is the first bilingual edition of Milla's poems. It features recent poems in both English and their Spanish translations.


This chapbook was published by 51GL0 V3NT1Dó5 in México. 

Avistamiento de Ballenas is available on this site and will be shipped from México, for $6 (shipping included).

Featured poems

Ox and Mandarin | An Almost Love Story

Published in Birdcoat Quarterly: read the poem

In Lisbon

Published in Apple Valley Review: read the poem

Whale watching

Published in Ink Sounds: read the poem


Avistamiento de ballenas (Whale watching) is the first bilingual edition of Milla's poems.

Avistamiento de Ballenas
available on this site
Ghosts of Old Virginny
available on Amazon

Ghosts of Old Virginny is Milla van der Have's literary reaction to her stay in Virginia City, Nevada.

Inspired by an episode of Cold Case, each poem represents a room – and a cold case in itself.

Empty Rooms
sold out
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